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Airbag Zip'In 2 Black

Airbag Zip'In 2 Black

The Zip'In equestrian airbag vest combines convenience with style and optimal protection. 

CO2 Cartridge

CO2 Cartridge

Helite brand cartridges are guaranteed for 10 years and have no expiration date. For use with Helite Airbag vests only. 

Zip in 2 Airbag Vest for Children

Zip in 2 Airbag Vest for Children

The new Zip'In 2 children's equestrian air vest is specifically designed for young riders 35 kg and over! 

Compatible Exteriors

Helite Is The Expert And Leader

As a manufacturer and expert in airbag technology, we are constantly developing new systems to offer better protection for Equestrian Riders. Proud Developer of the Freejump Airbag

Airbag System

A simple click and you are protected. A technology that has been protecting Equestrian Riders around the world for more than 20 years. An easy, reliable and robust system ideal for Equestrian Riders who are looking for an easy to use system and optimal protection.


Helite Airbag Technology Is Founded






Made In France


Airbag Systems Worldwide

Manufacturing Airbag Systems

Research, Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control: With our long experience in airbag technology, we at HELITE have created a unique expertise. The entire company is located in Dijon, France.

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Customer Testimonies

Mlle Poney

Mlle Poney

Equestrian Blogger

A little fall last night... No boo-boo! My Helite Prestige vest in action played its role of guardian angel! Well on the other hand I broke my whip

Lexie Lohrer

Lexie Lohrer

The second is the one posted here, and was a very rough fall. I hit the rails and the ground very hard and am still really feeling it 2 days later still. However, everything from the waist up is PERFECTLY FINE! My vest popped as I hit the jump and protected my spinal cord, for which I am EXTREMELY grateful! Having suffered a rib cage injury earlier in the summer, having this kind of fall without protection could have been WAY more catastrophic had I not been wearing my air vest! Thank you Helite Horse USA Canada for this incredible product, and Dianna Babington for encouraging me to get one! I am so happy to report that over half of my barn now rides in them too! Safety first!

Helite offers a wide range of equestrian airbag systems to protect riders.

Whether in cross-country, eventing, show jumping, in training or competition, our airbags are suitable for all practices.


Helite Airbags Offer Optimal Protection In Case Of A Fall:

  • Big Protection Volume - Between 14L and 28L depending on the size of the airbag.
  • Fast Detection - Less than 100ms before impact.
  • Ease-To-Use System - Ready to use and reusable after a fall.

Helite Airbag Vests Cover A Wide Area Of Protection - From Head to Tailbone

  • Protecting the cervical vertibrae and the head.
  • Securing the trunk to stabilize vital organs: throax, lungs, pancreas, abdomen, stomach and liver
  • Complete shield of the spinal column
  • Kidney and hip protection: The trunk is supported to better resist hyper flexing

Optimal Neck Protection

  • Helite ensures the total protection of the neck and cervical vertebrae. This very sensitive area of the human body requires optimal protection. The deployment of our neck brace restricts the movement of the head and prevents whiplash.

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