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Airbag manufacture

The different steps to make an individual airbag

Our history is based on innovation, thanks to our various technologies. Since then, we have continued to invent better solutions for our airbag protection systems. Innovation is our identity, as we always aim to find better ones. All this is based on one strategic factor: our know-how.

We help our customers live their passion to the fullest by providing airbags with optimal protection to perform better on motorbikes, bicycles, and horses.

  • Design of an airbag

    The HELITE design office develops innovative solutions to integrate our airbags into HELITE brand products for B2B customers in various sectors. We invent and design each component of the airbag.

    Design of an airbag
  • Prototyping

    Ideas come to life in our prototyping workshop. Numerous prototypes are made and tested before going into production.

  • Testing & Research

    Many parameters are studied and tested during the development phase of a product (materials, pressure, etc.).

    Testing & Research
  • Airbag crash tests

    We simulate dozens of accident or fall configurations during crash tests. These enable us to collect the data needed to improve or validate our technologies.

    For example, the drop shaft allows checking the airbag's absorption efficiency.

    The simulation of accidents (bicycle, motorbike) allows us to validate the detection time of our electronic systems.

    Airbag crash tests
  • Design and pattern making

    After the validation of the final prototype, it's time for the design and patternmaking. Our products need a beautiful case, choice of textiles, aesthetic details, and computerisation before production.

    Design and pattern making
  • Airbag production

    100% of our output (assembly and fitting of the airbag into the jacket) is done in Dijon, France, by our experienced team.

    Airbag production
  • Quality control

    Quality control is carried out on 100% of the products that leave our production site. Each airbag manufactured undergoes a series of tests, such as overpressure inflation or tensile strength. This rigorous protocol allows us to guarantee the high reliability of our protection.

    Quality control
  • Helite warranty

    Because our primary objective is to provide you with complete peace of mind, we place very high demands on the quality and durability of our products. This commitment is reflected in the 2-year extended warranty we offer on our airbags and a customer service department always at your service.

    Register your airbag on warranty.heliteus.com and benefit from a 4-year warranty instead of 2 years.

    Helite warranty