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The beginnings of Helite


Helite was born in 2002 in Dijon, from the desire of Gérard Thevenot, our founder. A French engineer specialising in fluid mechanics and a passionate fan of light aeronautics (ULM, hang gliding, paramotor), he wanted to create personal protective equipment for high-risk sports, to offer everyone airbags adapted to their needs and their practice: motorbike, horse riding and cycling.

The high accident rate in these sports led to a search for protective solutions for motorbike riders. The first patent was filed for personal protection airbags.

Helite airbag technology is founded




Made in France


Airbag systems worldwide

Our expertise in the protection

As airbag technology applies to all risk activities, HELITE has become an expert in developing personal protection systems. From the idea to the design of an airbag, a long process and many skills are involved. In this sense, our technology is always validated by numerous prototypes and crash tests.

Our airbags are already used in various fields, such as motorcycling, horse riding, cycling, health, aeronautics, and industrial work, and are also very popular in top-level sports.


Our priority is the quality of innovation for better protection.

Gérard Thévenot - Helite Founder

Our team at the service of protection

In 20 years, the Helite team has grown to 45 people. Our greatest asset? An experienced, dynamic, and committed team to take on the significant challenges in this business. Everyone is as attentive as possible to users' needs to guarantee effective personal protection products and quality customer service.

We also work with representatives who distribute Helite products in many countries worldwide. Since the beginning, we have built trusting relationships with our distributors in 50 countries.

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Service of protection 1