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Ambassador — Alexis Goury

Alexis Goury
For me safety is paramount ... this is why I have chosen Helite ...

Alexis Goury

Sport: Horseback Riding – CCE


  • European champion by team young riders 2016: Bronze medal
  • European championships individual 2016: 3rd ccio4*L Boekelo
  • 2017: 7th cci5*L in Pau 2018 / 5 th by team CICO4*S Aix La Chapelle (Aachen)
  • 2019: 4th by team senior european championships

Goals 2020

CCI5*L badminton , olympic games of Tokyo , CCI5*L Burghley.


Trompe l’oeil d’émery , vidocq de tael, un brin chic du banier and cougar des fees and 16 others.


National Riding School “le cadre noir de saumur”.

Helite airbag system


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