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Helite is a leader in wearable airbag technology and the first European manufacturer with more than 120,000 airbag systems in use worldwide.



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The Helite Story

Gerard Thevenot, a French engineer who specialized in fluid mechanics and a passion for light aeronautics founded Helite in 2002. The high accident rate in sports like ULM, hang gliding and paramotors led him to look for solutions for pilot protection. Thus the first patent was filed for individual protection airbags.

As airbag technology is applicable to all high-risk activities, Helite has become an industry expert. Dedicating itself exclusively to the development of individual protection systems. Our Helite airbags are highly appreciated in top-level sports and are in use all over the world in a variety of different fields such as:

  • Motorcycling
  • Horse Riding
  • Cycling
  • Aeronautics
  • Industrial Works


At Helite, our mission is to make the world safer by developing new intelligent solutions to protect people in their sports and daily activities. Our special recipe:

  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Technology
  • Made in France with our touch of authenticity

R&D Approach

From an idea to the design of an airbag, a long process and many skills are involved. Our airbag technology is validated by extensive research, numerous prototypes and crash tests.

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