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Safety precautions

CAUTION, failure to follow safety instructions could lead to your airbag malfunctioning or reduce its effectiveness.

  • Be sure to choose the right size of your airbag according to your body type and the size chart of each Helite model.

  • You must not wear a Helite airbag if you weigh less than 35 kg.

  • The Helite airbag should not be considered as substitute for protective equipment such as helmets, stirrups, etc.

  • Do not remove or modify any part of the airbag or the outer fabric.

  • Do not forget to remove the CO2 cartridge once used (use the same brand and the same capacity when reloading). The CO2 cartridge is not reusable.

  • Take out any sharp objects from your pockets before using your Helite airbag.

  • Check that your airbag is in good working condition, i.e. no rips or tears, before each use.

  • Store your Helite airbag on a hanger in a dry place away from moisture or high temperatures.

  • Do not sew or stick anything onto the Helite airbag (neither the airbag itself nor its fabric) as it could pierce the airbag and prevent it from working properly.

  • Make sure that the lanyard is firmly attached to the saddle and that the saddle strap is fitted correctly whilst using the airbag system.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

General Information

  • Each Helite airbag is worn like a normal vest or jacket when horse riding. The rider attaches the lanyard to the saddle strap. In case of fall, the key-ball separates from the airbag which triggers the system. The airbag will inflate and protect the rider in 0.1 sec.

  • An airbag cannot guarantee total safety of the rider. The airbag provides additional protection only when inflated on the body parts it covers.

  • The airbag absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from the head to the tailbone, thus limiting the risk of hyper-flexion of the spinal column.

  • The actual amount of force required to trigger the airbag varies depending on the size of your airbag. This mechanical system avoids unexpected airbag activation. If the rider forgets to detach from his horse, he will feel a strong pulling tension prior to activation (the airbag may still be triggered).

  • The CO2 cartridge is not reusable. A used or damaged cartridge will have to be recycled or disposed in accordance with your country's legislation.

  • The airbag sheaths may get damaged or pierced during a fall if they hit a sharp object.

  • If the horse falls down and the rider stays in the saddle, the airbag system will not activate.

  • This PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) contains no known allergenic substances. The design will not cause any irritation or discomfort to the wearer.

  • No body protection can prevent death, serious injury or personal injury.

Technical description

Release Pin

Release Pin

Release Pin


Release Pin


Release Pin

Saddle Strap

Release Pin



Release Pin

The tractive force required to trigger the airbag varies according to its size. The keyball is ejected, the spring relaxes and transmits energy to the needle that pierces the cartridge instantly releasing the gas that inflates the airbag. For your own safety and proper functioning of the airbag system, do not dismantle the release pin or remove any parts.



The airbags are made of polyurethane, they are specially chosen for their resistance and high quality. They absorb shocks due to their optimal pressure. The pressure gradually decreases after airbag inflation. CAUTION, the airbag must not be exposed to temperatures above 50°C.


Gas cartridge CO2

We have 4 sizes of CO2 cartridges (50 CC, 60 CC, 85 CC, 100 CC). They are selected to allow optimal protection according to the volume inside the airbags. To find out the size of your cartridge, please refer to the label on your airbag vest or liner. The cartridge can be easily and quickly replaced by the user. Helite cartridges come with a 10 year warranty.

Precautions for use:

  • Use only Helite brand cartridges. You can purchase them in our Helite online store shop.heliteus.com or at any of our dealers worldwide.
  • The cartridge is for single use only. You must replace the cartridge with the same type after each use.
  • For safety reasons, we recommend that you check your cartridge annually. Unscrew and weigh your CO2 cartridge (this action does not cause the airbag to inflate). Make sure that the weight of the cartridge is +/- 3g for the 50cc, 60 cc, 85 cc and +/- 5g for the 100 cc compared to the initial weight (see information on the cartridge label). If you encounter any problem, please contact your dealer.
  • If rust or other corrosive marks appear on the outer surface of the cartridge, change it immediately and contact your dealer.
  • The cartridge should be stored and used in temperatures below 45°C. Do not expose the full cartridges for a long time to high temperatures (in direct sunlight, near a radiator, etc).
  • The cartridge must be used at a temperature above 0°C. If stored below 0°C, warm up before use or replace it with a cartridge stored at room temperature.
  • Avoid shocks to the cartridge, this could damage it.
  • The used or damaged cartridge will have to be recycled or disposed in accordance with your country's legislation.

Saddle strap

The rider is responsible for the proper installation of the saddle strap. Make sure to adjust your strap correctly:

  • Make sure that your lanyard and saddle strap are not too long. It could delay or prevent the trigger from firing efficiently.
  • If your lanyard and saddle strap are too short this could bother you during riding and cause unexpected activation particularly whilst jumping.
How to install your saddle strap?

Remove both stirrup leathers from your saddle. Your saddle strap has the shape of a Y. Attach the two Y arms on each side of your saddle to the stirrup bars. You will probably have to loosen the strap to reach the stirrup bars. Put your stirrup leathers back in place. Once the installation is complete, be sure to adjust your saddle strap correctly.



A clip and a key-ball are located at each end of the lanyard. The key-ball is positioned on the release pin and keeps the mechanical system energized. When mounting your horse, the clip must be hooked to the metal ring of the saddle strap. CAUTION, we recommend that you do not attach the clip directly to any part of your saddle as it may break in the event of a fall. Also, make sure that your lanyard cannot wrap itself around any part of the saddle whilst riding.

Reactivating the airbag system

Reactivating the airbag system
Step 1
Following activation of the mechani- cal system (inflation of the airbag), the key-ball has been ejected and the spring is visible. Unscrew the empty CO2 cartridge and remove it.
Step 2
Loosen the bearing cap using the Allen key (5 mm) supplied with the airbag. Do not unscrew it fully but just enough to put the piston back in place.
Step 3
Replace the piston by using the Allen key or your finger. Make sure that the notch of the piston is in front of the hole where the key- ball is placed.
Step 4
Replace the ball in its location. The ring around the ball should be positioned flat. Start screwing the bearing cap by hand while holding the key-ball firmly.
Step 5
Finish screwing the bearing cap with the Allen key while still hol- ding the key-ball. The bearing cap must be in contact with the cylinder. Do not overtighten or da- mage the parts.
Step 6
Lastly, insert a new CO2 cartridge and screw it in completely without force. Make sure that the cartridge is sufficiently tight or is not screwed sideways.

CAUTION, an improper reactivation of the system could prevent the proper func- tioning of your airbag system. If you have any doubt about the procedure, do not hesitate to ask your dealer or Helite for advices. Explanatory videos are available on Video tutorial page.

Storage and maintenance of your airbag

  • Do not expose your airbag to high temperatures (near heat source, flame or radiator, etc)

  • Do not leave your airbag within reach of rodents or other animals.

  • Store your airbag in a dry place, keep away from humidity.

  • Do not leave your airbag folded or rolled up for a long time. It is best to store your airbag on a clothes hanger.

  • Do not leave within reach of rodents or other animals.


If your cartridge is empty or your airbag vest is reaching the end of its life, please do not dispose of the cartridge together with household waste. To avoid any harm to the environment or health, please sort your waste and go to a waste disposal site to dispose it properly.


All Helite airbags are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. You can benefit from a warranty of 4 years instead of 2 years from the date of the purchase of your airbag (except for the textile) by registering your airbag on the website's warranty page. To know all the modalities, please visit directly the website.

After-sales service

If you encounter any of the problems described below or if you have any doubt concerning the proper use of your airbag, please contact us at [email protected]:

  • If the textile is torn, the airbag is visible or pierced.

  • If a crack, breakage or corrosion appears on the parts of the release pin or on the gas cartridge.

  • If the saddle strap shows signs of damage.

  • If the lanyard is worn out, frayed or has lost its elasticity.

  • If you detect any abnormal wear of the product


These products are CE certified by the notify body ALIENOR CERTIFICATION following the protocol CRITT SPORT LOISIRS GEG-002 (21 rue Albert Einstein, 86100 Châtellerault, France - Accreditation n°2754).

The CE marking indicates that the airbag complies with the requirements of the EU regulation 2016/425. Helite is the airbag manufacturer. The declaration of conformity is available on our website www. heliteus.com.

Each airbag is rigorously tested before being sold. The product must only be used for the purpose for which it is intended.

Helite cannot be held responsible notably in the following cases:

  • In certain accidents, protection cannot prevent death or serious injuries.

  • The airbag will reduce injuries only if it is inflated.

  • Improper installation, incorrect use and maintenance not in accordance with the given instructions may lead to malfunction of the airbag.

  • Any modification or any repair of the product not carried out by an authorized service provider may lead to malfunction of the airbag.

  • A backpack or other items worn over the airbag may prevent or slow down the inflation of the airbag.

Helite prohibits the use of the airbag in the following cases:

  • Pregnant women.

  • People that weigh less than 35 kg.

Helite recommends to seek the advice of a health professional regarding the use of an airbag (particular pathology, breast prosthesis, pacemaker, etc).