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H Vest by Lotus Romeo New

$ USD 300.00 Tax Excluded

The H Vest is designed and approved to be worn with a Helite Zip'In Airbag. The slim fit allows all riders to look stylish and comfortable at the same time. When combined with the Helite Zip'In air vest, it renders the airbag completely invisible. 


The large protection volume prevents serious injuries. The unique shape of the airbag absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from head to tailbone. The airbag deploys in less than 100ms to protect the rider before impact. Additionally, The H Vest by Lotus Romeo is built to withstand and not lose shape after many airbag inflations.


H by Lotus Romeo, tested and certified by Helite. Always look for the certification label. Only labeled jackets are compatible with Helite airbags. 


Available in Black and Navy Blue


 airbag not included

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