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Equestrian Airbag Lanyard

Equestrian Airbag Lanyard

$USD 78.00

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  • The Lanyard connects the airbag to the saddle strap and comes with each airbag.


The equestrian airbag lanyard connects directly to the piston with a key-ball that will activate the CO2 cartridge in case of a fall. Each airbag comes with the lanyard installed. Simply attach the carabiner to the saddle strap to install it. (see tab above)


On the lanyard is a carabiner and a key-ball located at each end. The key-ball is positioned on the firing pin and keeps the mechanical system energized. When you are on your horse, the carabiner must hook onto the metal ring of the saddle strap.


CAUTION, we recommend that you ONLY attach the carabiner to the saddle strap. Attaching to any other part of the saddle may not ensure inflation of the airbag in case of a fall. Additionally, make sure the lanyard cannot wrap around any part of the saddle.