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AirJump Show Jacket

$ USD 534.00 Tax Excluded

  • The AirJump equestrian show jacket is adapted perfectly for competition riding. It is designed specifically for riders looking for comfort, elegance, and optimal protection.


The external zipper is compatible with our Zip'In airbags. Both of which are perfect for discreet and comfortable protection. The Air Jump Show Jacket is suitable for all equestrian disciplines and its slim-fitting design is built to withstand the pressure of inflation while keeping the original shape.


Combining the Air Jump Jacket with the Zip'In equestrian air vest provides riders with optimal protection of these vital areas before impact:

  • • Neck
  • • Cervical
  • • Back
  • • Pelvis
  • • Sacrum
  • • Thorax


The technical fabric as well as the mesh under the arms and sides ensure excellent mobility and good ventilation. This equestrian show jacket can be worn alone or with Helite airbag vests. 


Please note that only approved Helite clothing can be worn with our airbag vests. Wearing non-approved outerwear with your Helite airbag does not guarantee the proper function of the air vest.




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